15 minute meatless Monday dinner over here. Chickpea tacos with avocado + salsa on the side

15 minute meatless Monday dinner over here 🙌🏻 Chickpea tacos 🌮 with avocado + salsa on the side. Roasted some chickpeas that are ready in 15 minutes and tossed them in some @sietefoods cassava flour tortillas… perfection! -⠀
We’re still trying to do 1-2 meatless dinners over here and this one was so easy and a hit. The crunchy chickpeas were delish 👌🏻 Chickpeas are a great meal prep option because you can snack on them, throw them on a salad, or throw them in some tacos. Just nice to have on hand when you get hangry 😉 Hope you all had a great start to the week! -⠀
healthyfood details 👉🏻 Preheat oven to 450F.⠀
Drain and rinse a can of chickpeas.⠀
Take two towels and place the chickpeas between them and roll them around, this gets some of the skin off of them. I used to peel mine but now I just do this and call it a day because it saves so much time. Line or grease a baking sheet, add the chickpeas, coat with e taco seasoning, bake for 15 mins, flip with a spatula or just literally shake the pan 1/2 way through. Paired with 2 crispy  tortillas + peppers + avocado + @aldiusa salsa



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