crispy seared salmon, grilled broccolini

Definitely a 😍’s and ❤️’s kind of din: crispy seared salmon, grilled broccolini, and creamy cauliflower sauce shells 🥰. I’m not usually a leftovers person, but I would totally take a second date with this plate! 🙋🏼‍♀️.

#whatsonmyplate: crispy seared salmon (check out the tutorial in my stories 🐟 🎥) •• @eatbanza chickpea pasta shells tossed in creamy cauliflower garlic sauce (this sauce is sooo good! the recipe for it is a few posts back) •• grilled broccolini w/ parmesan & red pepper 🥦 🌶.

It’s a cup of cocoa-in-my-comfies-on-the-couch night because it’s coooold outside 🥶. Every December, I start asking myself why I choose to live in a city that’s frozen over four months of the year (and it’s not going to be any better in Boise) 😂. Hope you’re all staying warm tonight! ❤️ by @ sara.haven
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