Salsa Chicken. If you’re someone with a large appetite and still wanting somethi…


Salsa Chicken. If you’re someone with a large appetite and still wanting something low calorie, this is a great meal for you. It’s a large volume of food for not many calories. @themealprepmanual⁣

2lbs chicken breast ⁣
14oz can chicken broth ⁣
2 cups salsa ⁣
2 15oz cans black beans ⁣
1 tbsp (8g) cumin ⁣
1/4 cup (28g) jack cheese ⁣
3 medium (450g) bell peppers⁣
1 medium (200g) onion⁣
2 tbsp olive oil⁣
Cilantro ⁣

1. Put the chicken and broth in a crockpot. Cook on low for 5-7 hours of high for less. ⁣
2. Remove the chicken from crockpot when finished cooking and shred. Add salsa and mix. Season to taste. ⁣
3. Cut onion and peppers into strips. Sauté in oil until soft. ⁣
4. Add black beans to a pot. Bring to a light boil and mash the beans into a paste. Add oil if necessary. Cook until the liquid has reduced (probably 8-10 minutes). Add cumin, salt and pepper to taste. ⁣
5. Divide your ingredients 5 ways. Top the beans with a little bit of jack cheese. ⁣
6. Nutrition information for each dish: 510 CALS. 43g C | 53g P | 14g F⁣

For the weight loss side omitted the beans and cheese and added an extra pepper. For the gain side I added a can of black beans and 3/4 cup more cheese. ⁣

❓I don’t have a crockpot what do I do?⁣
❗️Cook it on the stove and that is so obvious. ⁣

❓I don’t like ______.⁣
❗️Did it ever cross your mind that maybe you could replace it with something you do like or just leave it out?⁣

❓What kind of salsa do I use?⁣
❗️Pick your favorite one. It doesn’t matter. Adjust nutrition info if you care. ⁣⁣

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