{NEW} Easy + FUN Banana “Sushi” { Here’s a fun little project to make with the …

{NEW} Easy + FUN Banana “Sushi” ?‍♀️??
{ Here’s a fun little project to make with the kids after school! The truth is, if kids help make their own food, they are so much more likely to eat it…and be more open to trying new things! } .
makes about 2 servings

2 medium bananas
2 Tbsps unsweetened shredded coconut
2 Tbsps roasted hazelnuts or almonds, chopped finely
1/4 cup high quality dark chocolate, melted

Add the shredded coconut and chopped nuts into a shallow dish and stir to combine well.

Place the melted chocolate in another shallow dish.
Peel the bananas and carefully dip them into the melted chocolate.

Then, roll them into the coconut-nut mixture, then place them on a plate, or cutting board.

Slice into half inch slices and arrange it like a sushi roll as shown.

For fun, eat these using chopsticks!



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