{NEW} Super FUN Veggie Bug Snacks Happy NEW Month, friends! It’s BEAUTIFUL May!…

{NEW} Super FUN Veggie Bug Snacks ???
Happy NEW Month, friends!
Here’s a really cute food craft to make with the kids this Spring, & Summer!
I think this would be fun for a children’s party…to keep the kids busy assembling their own little bugs, or just to make some ahead of time to set out on a platter for your guests!
I used pasture raised “Organic Valley” cream cheese, but also think some thick, cold hummus would also work! Have fun! Make these little guys all your own, and tag me in your creations so I can see what you create! ❤

2-3 Celery stalks, cut into 2” pieces
1/3 English cucumber, thiner & thicker slices
1/3 cup organic cream cheese, or hummus
1 cup cherry tomatoes, different colors, halved or quartered
1 bunch chives
8-10 black pitted olives
2-3 slices of nitrate free deli turkey, or ham, cut into quarters and rolled
A piping bag with 2 tips; one very small and one large star

First, using a piping bag with the large star tip, pipe the celery stalks with cream cheese as shown.

Next, add one cherry tomato or one olive as it’s little head.

Continue making the shells from either thicker cucumber slices, rolled deli ham or a line of quartered cherry tomatoes. Add thinner cucumber slices as wings as shown in the photos.

Insert chives for antennas.

To make the eyes, place the small tip to your piping bag and pipe creme cheese dots on their little bug heads.
Add a small piece of chopped olive to each dot for pupils.

Enjoy! ❤Rachel



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