Avocado Hummus & Baked Sweet Potato Fries: So I’m going to get a bit nerdy on yo…

Avocado Hummus & Baked Sweet Potato Fries: So I’m going to get a bit nerdy on you, but next time you make some baked sweet potato fries you gotta soak them before baking.Why? Cause it gets rid of the the pesky starch & lets the sweetness of the potato shine through. I learned this through my #thefoodlab cookbook. And boy- it makes such a HUGE difference🤓. I’m talking 10 year old girl hates sweet potato fries- then eats them, all of them 😱 So I served my fries with green hummus cause I’m sick of beige 😛…..I haven’t been very active on IG lately. My work demands have been a bit intense, as well as the upheaval from every single routine I have ever had for myself & my family. It is comforting that we are all in this together. Sending you all big hugs my foodie friends.
What you need: For Hummus: 1 can chickpeas, rinsed & dried, (15 oz) 1/4 cup of runny tahini, juice of 1 lime, 2 garlic cloves, 2 tlb olive oil, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp smoked paprika, flesh of 1 medium avocado, 1/2 cup cilantro, salt/pepper to taste For the sweet potatoes: 2 lbs of sweet potatoes, peeled & cut into 3 in long 1/2 in wide fries (I used a crinkle cutter knife), 2 tbl neutral oil, salt/pepper to taste
1️⃣ Boil 6 cups of water & combine with 4 cups of room temp water in a large pot . Let potatoes soak in pot on countertop for 1 hr while covered.
2️⃣ Dry fries well, mix with oil & seasonings, spread on parchment lined baking sheet in one layer. Bake at 425 F 35-40 min flipping when underside is golden.
3️⃣ While fries are baking, Using a food processor, process on high everything except avocado & parsley, till it reaches desired consistency. (I prefer my hummus smooth which takes longer to process about 3-5 min). Next add avocado & parsley, & process again on high. Adjust seasoning to taste.
4️⃣ I topped my avo hummus with cilantro, pumpkin seeds, a sprinkling of smoked paprika, & a drizzle of olive oil. Serve with your warm crispy sweet potato fries . Enjoy!!



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