Eating slow means eating less

If you are overweight and have tried many weight loss program, and have not been successful in reducing or controlling your appetite, which is thwarting all your efforts to grow thinner, here comes  a news that you would like–a new study has revealed what could be the first-ever scientific proof that if you eat slowly, you will eat less. Moreover, it is also stated that you would enjoy the meal more.

This would sound like some advice that your granny or grandpa might have given you in the childhood–but it is official now that it has some impact on your eating habits and how much you eat. The study has revealed that women consumed about 70 fewer calories when they were told to take their time eating a meal of pasta and sauce–these women also rated that the meal tasted more pleasant when they ate slowly.

The study was conducted on 30 young women, which involved eating a meal of ditalini with tomato and vegetable sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese, under two different conditions–one slowly and one fast. Before each meal, these women had eaten a standard 400-calorie breakfast, and then were made to fast for four hours.

It has long been said that everybody should eat slowly–it also helps in proper digestion of the food, but if we can reduce our appetite by eating slowly, it will be doubly good for us. We need to obey the old advice coupled with scientific proof that yes, eating slow makes us eat less. Almost all the weight loss program stress on the habit of eating less and controlling the calories that you intake. Further, these programs also stress that you should expend the calories that you intake by doing physical exercise and going for walking in the morning and evening. So, it would make a good sense to try out this also–eating slowly and enjoying the food more.

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