Economically-weak women have higher risks of maternal obesity

Child obesity and obesity among the women are the current topics that are discussed on a wide scale. We have received many news about studies and researches that health specialists have conducted. There is a wide variety of facts that are coming out of these studies and researches. Here is another one–pregnant women who hail from economically disadvantaged background are more likely to become obese. This study’s results link socio-economic deprivation to maternal obesity among the women.

The study has conducted its research on different women that hailed from different walks of life–it is found in the study that women who were young, single, and in education had lower chances of obesity. Women who were older, separated, divorced, widowed, or participating in education were also found to have lower rates of obesity.

maternal obesity study

The team that conducted this study included Nicola Heslehurst from the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Teesside and other researchers. The team has reported that maternal obesity has increased from 9.9% in 1990 to 16% in 2004. We can easily guess that if this would continue to rise at this rate, there will be major problems for women in the near future.


Obesity in any form is not a very desirable condition. The type of obesity reported by this study starts at the start of pregnancy, and it is clear from the statistics that the cases of such women is increasing.


The research has clearly provided a better idea, and we can expect that with more research in this matter, we may reach to the bottom of the problem, and perhaps the researchers would be able to find some solution for this problem. It can help us to curb the problem of increasing maternal obesity. We surely will need to wait and watch how the things proceed.

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