Children can influence your diet


You have heard about child obesity–the biggest danger to children all over the world. You have also heard that dietary habits are the main cause for this problem among children. and you might also have heard that parents are usually designated as the main reason behind these distorted diet habits–however, you would be surprised to know that children can also make adults to eat fat-filled diet! Yes, it has been researched that children influence the diet habits of adults, and adults living with children are prone to eat more fat-filled diets. These findings have been reported by Helena Laroche, M.D., of the University of Iowa, and colleagues.


It has been reported in the research that those living with children ate high fat food such as cheese, ice cream, beef, pizza, and salty snacks. The study was conducted on through a questionnaire and detailed food survey responses from 6,600 adults aged 17 to 65 years in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III (NHANES).


We can easily guess about the vitality of this report, as we as parents or caregivers tend to buy more fast and junk food due to constraints of time, and our avoidance to cook the food by ourselves in the houses. This is where adults also eat more fat-filled diets, though there intention was to fill the bellies of children to avoid them feeling hungry frequently.


We need to assert more control on our attraction towards the fast-food that we tend to buy often–home cooked food has more nutrition. And we can also choose the fat content of our diet that way. However, we are not too much learned about the fat-content of the food items that we eat already-prepared in the marketplace. It can be clearly seen that apart from children, adults would also be snared in the problem that obesity is causing.

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