Old age people can also benefit from diet and exercise

Child obesity has been acclaimed as the worst health problem that the world is facing today. The main reason for this alarming problem is that these children have a high rate of being grown into obese adults and carry this obesity into their old age. This is where heart, cardiovascular, and diabetes problems come into fore and cause much problems. However, according to a new study, it has been found that it should not be deemed as too late for obese adults to improve their heart risks through diet and exercise. Diet control and exercise obviosuly are two of the most-advised methods to improve the health, and avoid being overweight.

The study was conducted on 27 obese men and women aged around 65 years or older. The study found that lowering the value of calories and exercising do help participants to shed pounds. The reductin in weight was also accompanied with lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood fats, which of course is a great sign. The results of this study were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

It does not sound too good to many people who maintain that it is relatively of less importance that old people should lose weight, and sometimes, it is pretty difficult for them to change their life-style, which sometimes becomes stringent for them and can cause other problems. However, the findings of this new study show that older obese adults can indeed alter their lifestyle, and benefit from it.

It is true that this study is a small one; however, its implications can reach wider scales if more research is carried out on this issue. We will be able to see a better picture if more study is taken up and if researchers could come to a agreed conclusion. This study has surely laid a good question before the health specialists and researchers

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