If you haven’t noticed, this is a powerful shift. 40% of people in British Colu…

If you haven’t noticed, this is a powerful shift.
40% of people in British Columbia under age 35 are vegetarian or vegan.
That doesn’t include all those who have dramatically reduced their meat intake.
AND it includes the entire province… typically a lot higher %ages of people in urban centres engage in healthy endeavours than small towns… I could not find a stat in Vancouver alone but would extrapolate and conclude it must be well over 50% for that demographic.
That changes everything. Let’s consider some probable results projections – factory farms will be less profitable and meat will be sold cheaper still, to attract back buyers. More farms will produce organic fruits and vegetables to meet the health interest of those who shift to plant based diets. Importing likely increases – which can have an effect on transportation and pollution perhaps. Supply and demand usually sees prices drop as volume increases but society is likely unprepared to scale healthy supply so organic foods may increase in price with higher competition for limited supply. Restaurants will change their menu’s to offer healthier options. The society will be more peaceful than the average North American person.
What do you think?
Where you live, are people eating healthier or not?
Are they more peaceful or more angry do u think?
Are you seeing a plethora of healthy restaurants that serve food with love and care behind their intent?
Where is your market at?


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