Second packed meal of the day

Second packed meal of the day ?? Leftover salmon, more zucchini, more avo, and some tomatoes thrown in there ?? Ate this in between flights today ? I don’t have enough guts to eat fish on the actual plane so it always has to be eaten on the layover ? Wasn’t super filling though- definitely was missing some sort of carb source! Had to have another lunch a few hours later once we landed ??‍♀️ Nothing wrong with listening to your body- some days you’re just more hungry than others. Fuel yourself with good foods and you’ll feel good ?? -⠀

We got to Ohio this afternoon, walked around enjoying the nice weather ☀️, grabbed a late lunch, and then my brother, his girlfriend, and their brand new baby girl are coming over tonight!! ❤️ Hope you had a wonderful day! ⠀
lunch details ?? 1 piece of leftover salmon (search 6 minute salmon on my blog and I’ll link it in my stories!) + tomatoes + 1/2 avocado + zucchini cooked on my cast iron grill skillet ?



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