We get questions daily about how to get picky eaters to eat more healthy foods; …

We get questions daily about how to get picky eaters to eat more healthy foods; specifically veggies. ??? And, one of the best strategies we’ve implemented and share about often here, is the #loveitlikeitlearningit approach created by @veggiesandvirtue. She talks a lot about pairing less-liked foods with more loved ones and also continuing to expose, expose, expose. It can be an exhausting road, but one we’ve personally seen success from, and that has kept us going. ??

A couple months ago we had the privilege of receiving some of the first prototypes of the Nudge Plate from @kizingokids; a company we have been loving for years, and the plates have been a perfect pairing to the way we approach meals. And today we can finally share it with you! ???

The Nudge Plate??features a small little well that is just big enough for a little exposure; it’s a great visual reminder for parents to add something new or less-loved with other foods at meals (hello learning it foods!), or it can be used to include a small dessert, dip, etc.

For this meal the learning it food is BROCCOLI. ? On the left the child is being offered too much of something they don’t like. And for them, it may be all they see. The meal on the right is identical, except we’re just offering an exposure to the child; a small taste with one broccoli piece amidst other more desired choices, like these Birthday Cake Mini Cookies from @partakefoods (love them!). With just this little change we go from no way, to okay. ??➡️??

Check out @kizingokids for more details on how to pre-order these plates for yourself. Yay! ? Also check out @veggiesandvirtue for more on the love it, like it, learning it approach. And lastly, check out @kids.eat.in.color who consistently inspires us (and inspired this image!)

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