Breakfast Taco Bowls with Salsa Roja from The Meal Prep Manual – 2nd Edition and…

Breakfast Taco Bowls with Salsa Roja from The Meal Prep Manual – 2nd Edition and Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry from The Meal Prep Manual – 60 Minute Meals ebooks @themealprepmanual⁣

Stir Fry’s are one of the best ways to get in your vegetables. Almost any vegetable can fit into the dish so it’s easy to get a wide variety, they aren’t hard to cook, and they generally have a great tasting sauce to go over the top to help with flavor. This Beef & Broccoli recipe has been a crowd favorite among many of you that have a copy of the MPM 60 Minute Meals. It is a wonderful alternative to takeout as it tastes just as good and you can control exactly what goes into you pan. ⁣

The Taco Breakfast Bowl is something I used to make about once every other week. I would still make it that often if I didn’t have to try and develop new recipes all of the time. It’s such a great breakfast for me. The homemade salsa gives the meal a layer of freshness that makes it different than traditional meal prepped breakfasts. As far as meal prepping eggs goes, scrambled eggs work fine as long as you slightly undercook them. I personally don’t mind the taste and texture of my scrambled eggs throughout the week but if you did you could always just make them fresh in the morning. Baked/boiled eggs work best for meal prepping. Then scrambled. Then fried. I wouldn’t recommend prepping fried eggs. Just make them fresh if you prefer that style. ⁣

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