80/20 is a fantastic guide for structuring your diet SAVE THIS POST FOR LATER …

80/20 is a fantastic guide for structuring your diet

Are you familiar with the 80/20 Rule for weight loss? ?

It WILL change your life. ??

Often referred to as “Flexible Dieting”, the 80/20 Rule is the most effective and sustainable solution to losing weight fast, and keeping that weight off.

? In fact, the 80/20 Rule is used every single day by pro athletes, bodybuilders, bikini competitors, business execs, social media influencers and normal people like you and me to stay in shape while eating the foods WE all love.

Here’s how it works…

?? Eat nutritious, unprocessed, healthy foods 80% of the time

This would include foods like ????? most of the day.

?? Enjoy fun, ‘not-so-healthy’ foods the remaining 20% of the time

This would be allowing yourself to enjoy some ???? every now and then.

As an example, you can see in the infographic above that it’s okay to enjoy some pizza and beer every now and then, and it’s aright to enjoy a glass or two of red wine while still making progress on your fitness goals.

The key here is flexibility — fitting in “fun” foods, while not bending or breaking and having an entire cheat day. ??

? Also, did you know…?

Numerous studies and research has shown that a more moderate, flexible diet promotes better long term success than rigid, restrictive diets at scale. ?

This means that if you can be flexible with your diet, you CAN make progress and more importantly, sustain that progress for life.

YOUR TAKEAWAY: Start implementing the 80/20 Rule in your everyday life. As you control calories, you’ll lose fat, be sexy, feel amazing all while having the flexibility to enjoy some ice cream every now and then. And what could be better than that? ?

Comment “? if you love the 80/20 Rule!

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