Happy New Month! ~ Did you know? Rocket {arugula} part of the Brassica family o…

Happy New Month! ?
Did you know? ??Rocket {arugula} part of the Brassica family of vegetables that includes broccoli ?, cabbage and kale is a source of vitamin C, iron and calcium. Unlike spinach, it contains very low levels of oxalates meaning that your body can easily absorb the iron and calcium it contains ??
Rocket is also rich in eye-healthy lutein, cancer-fighting isothiocyanates and sulphurous compounds that strengthen the liver.
Do you eat rocket often? If not, I hope you’ll start eating it more regularly ?
In my bowl: ✨oven-baked ? sweet potato with bulgur wheat {cooked in veggie broth}, curried tempeh and mixed leaf salad? {baby spinach, rocket and dark red baby leaves}.✨?



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