Mock meats are not a part of my grocery list , but I’d be telling a lie if I say…


Mock meats are not a part of my grocery list ?, but I’d be telling a lie if I say I never eat them. I usually try them when I go for vegan events like product launches, festivals etc. or if a company sends me some to try. I don’t have anything against them, I just prefer to eat whole foods more often ??‍♀.
Oumph sent me a parcel containing their soy-based meats last week to try out. I used the “pulled oumph” for this recipe. It is already flavoured with barbecue sauce, so all you need to do is lightly stir fry it, and it is ready to eat. The texture of this surprised me – if memory serves me right, it is practically identical to meat. Without a doubt, it is the most realistic mock meat I’ve ever tried, and I was very impressed??. I feel a bit weird recommending mock meats? (just keeping it real and honest lovelies?), but if you were going to try any, definitely give this one a go. I would honestly consider buying this {post is not sponsored}.
I added some of my homemade ?firecracker sauce {sriracha, malt vinegar, soy sauce, agave nectar} while cooking the pulled oomph. Once it was ready, I served it with boiled rice ? and a side of greens?.
Do you use mock meats? If so, which brand(s) has impressed you the most? #buddhabowl #vegandinner #veganbuddhabowl




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