Not sure how to structure your workouts for the week? For so long, I trained ver…

Not sure how to structure your workouts for the week? For so long, I trained very inefficiently & without a real plan, so I wanted to save you from my mistakes!
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How to Determine Your Plan:

✅ Schedule
Pick the number of days that works with your schedule. Now is not the time to be optimistic. It’s the time to be realistic!

If you say you ideally want to workout 5x a week but actually only make it there consistently 3x a week, then follow a 3 day plan!

“Failing” to do your workouts or coming up short week after week isn’t fun or motivating!

It’s optimal to work each muscle group at least 2x a week. If you follow a plan that doesn’t match the frequency you *actually* go to the gym, you’ll miss workouts & won’t reap the full benefits or train efficiently.

✅ Experience: How long have you been training?
If you’re new, 3 days/week will still provide a stimulus for improved strength & hypertrophy.

Beginners typically require less volume & intensity but more experienced lifters typically require more stimulus/more overload, thus may need more than 3x/week.

✅ Rest & Recovery: Stress Management.
Your body doesn’t know the difference between physical stress (workouts) & mental/emotional stress (work, relationships, life, school).

Stress is stress.

Too much of it (in & out of gym) & your body won’t recover properly.

When choosing a workout frequency, More is not better. ***Better is better.***

✅ Goals & Weak Point Training:
Your workouts & frequency should reflect your goals & address your weaknesses.

Maybe your upper body is lagging & you want to add strength or mass. Or maybe you sit at a desk all day & need to work on corrective exercise by focusing on your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back).

Whatever it is, your plan should have PURPOSE.

✅That being said, there is no “perfect” plan. The best one is the one that WORKS for YOU, your schedule, and your goals.

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