#plantpowered and proud! ~ Grapes are highly valued in eastern medicine as a blo…


#plantpowered and proud!
🍇Grapes are highly valued in eastern medicine as a blood tonic. They are thought to contain valuable salts that build and purify the blood, boost blood flow to the brain, improve levels of concentration and promote the cleansing function of the kidney and liver. Black grapes with both black skin and deep purple flesh are thought to provide the most benefit primarily because of their anthocyanin content.
Raspberries: Incredibly rich in ellagic acid. A polyphenol with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.
Oats: Higher in protein, calcium and essential fatty acids than most grains. A rich source of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that reduces cholesterol and also slows the absorption of sugar from food. ~
Soy yoghurt: a source of complete protein, rich in phytosterols, minerals like calcium and isoflavones. Soy yoghurt also boosts your body’s absorption of the antioxidants found in fruits.
‼️It is worth noting that the protein (casein) found in dairy products bind to the antioxidants in fruits and stops your body from absorbing them. Cooking your oats with dairy milk or eating fruit with dairy yoghurt may not be the best idea after all.‼️
✨In my bowl: soy yoghurt with black grapes, raspberries, granola, hazelnuts and desiccated 🥥 #breakfastbowl #fueledbyplants #plantpower




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