Stay informed with all your favourite Foods! *Swipe to see the Calories and nutr…


Stay informed with all your favourite Foods!🍱🍴💫 *Swipe to see the Calories and nutritional facts in lots of popular foods 🤓:]⠀

All fruit has different macros, calories & sugar. Sugar from fruit has the same metabolic result as chocolate. But the combination of sugar & fibre make it more likely to satisfy your hunger and nutritious!⠀

Humans simply enjoy eating doughnuts.⠀
Knowing the nutritional makeup of your favourite foods can be applied to help reach your nutritional goals🤜🤛⠀

Sure there are more nutritious snacks, but what is life without tea and biscuits..! Any food can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.⠀

If fat loss or maintenance is the goal, it’s worth considering drinks which taste similar, but have a reduced calorie worth.⠀

In terms of calories, white bread is similar to brown. Therefore, you won’t necessarily manage weight better by having brown, the key difference=fibre.⠀

There are lower calorie options for the same or greater protein value.⠀

An array of low calorie options can fit into most diets with relative caloric insignificance. Ice creams that are calorie dense can as well be enjoyed depending on total energy intake.⠀

A selection of 100g healthy foods and their vitamins, minerals and calories.⁣⠀

I really hope you enjoyed this post!⠀

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