Staying full while aiming to lose fat or get your weight under control comes dow…

Staying full while aiming to lose fat or get your weight under control comes down to a set of factors:

1. Sleep quality and duration (sorry new moms and dads)
2. Protein quantity
3. Hydration
4. Fibre
5. Stress management

When it comes to food though, you can make this VERY simple by thinking about calorie density.

Of course there’s a few exceptions, like avocados, but most foods that are both big but lower in calories tend to be high in water, fibre and/or protein.

What’s the lowest calorie dense substance you can put in your body?

Water. And a lot of the times you feel hungry, you’re just dehydrated.

But as this image shows, consider your choices vs the choices here.

This isn’t about healthy vs unhealthy, it’s about calorie density.

When it comes to food and staying full, VOLUME matters more than calories.

So when you have the apple instead of the muffin, you save about 320 calories for the same amount of satisfaction for your stomach.

When you choose mixed nuts as a protein source instead of a chicken breast — even though you should know nuts don’t have much protein — you give up a ton of protein, which is filling, and you add calories.

Just an example.

What’s next after water in terms of low calorie density? –
Green vegetables!

So when you have a cup of dried fruit instead of something like a cup of broccoli, you add major calories for a similar amount of satisfaction to your stomach.

Nothing wrong with dried fruit, I’m just using these as examples because they’re swaps you may be making.

The difference in this post is 1000 calories. And that could make roughly a 1.5-2 pounds difference PER WEEK in weight loss.

The left side gets less cravings, more energy, and may even feel more full.
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