There is no doubt that plants are nutritious, but don’t forget that they are als…


There is no doubt that plants are nutritious, but don’t forget that they are also medicinal. After all, throughout history and long before scientists could chemically synthesise drugs, they were extracted solely from plants.
It is a good idea to get your daily dose of nutrition and ‘medicine’ by eating adequate quantities of plants. Over-consuming them, however, may not be the best idea. Medicine is the perfect antidote when warranted; if not, it becomes poisonous and toxic. And before you ask, there is no blanket definition of over-consumption for everyone. If you listen carefully, your body will let you know when you’re going overboard. You wouldn’t take a paracetamol every day to prevent a headache, so why would you over-consume plants (to the point of illness) as an insurance policy? There is a point at which the negatives outweigh the benefits – digestive issues, kidney stones, dental issues, gall bladder problems, malaise, etc. Find that balance for yourself and don’t feel pressured to do what doesn’t {or what no longer} feels right for your body.
Your health is a contest between you and yourself, and not between you and person X. Person X may be able to eat 500g of fibre daily and feel fantastic. The fact that you can only eat 40g doesn’t make you inferior, nor does it make them healthier or superior. ✨All that matters is that you are functioning optimally to live the life you want and hope to live.✨
Nutrition is individual, one size does not and will NEVER fit everyone. When uncertain, seek advice ONLY from qualified professionals but ultimately #doyou
P.S. The views expressed here are health-based and not ethically-based. Think very carefully before you leave a comment.
In my bowl 🍃 roast baby 🥔, baby plum 🍅, baby leaf salad, 🥒, baked chicken, lightly toasted mixed seeds & left over yoghurt-tahini dressing. #nutrientdensefood #nutrientdense #potatosalad #healthyrecipesideas




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