When (or if) you’re going through a weird and difficult period of food restricti…

When (or if) you’re going through a weird and difficult period of food restriction, like…⠀

‘No, I’m not eating anymore cookies.’
‘No, I can’t order pizza either.’
‘NO. I’m not having anymore fucking chocolate, Hilary.’⠀

…the food you think you *want* is likely to be all of those things. Not just because they’re bloody delicious (they are) but because they’re currently off-bounds.⠀

Like that pang of regret when your annoying ex gets a new girlfriend.⠀

Now imagine you put all of those foods back on the menu and gave yourself permission to enjoy everything without wanting to slap yourself around the face.⠀

Maybe your days will initially consist of cookies, pizza and chocolate. Maybe they won’t.⠀

But what you’ll likely find is after time, what you *want* dramatically shifts from being centred on food which you’ve cancelled from your life – towards food which make you feel good and allow you to have a nice day without feeling dizzy or doing a mini sick in your mouth etc etc.⠀

Chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner might sounds delicious to someone who’s diet is largely made up of kale.⠀

But the reality of this would mean;
– Low energy
– Low mood
– And a shit load of deficiencies over time⠀

(Like when you actually get back with your ex and after a week you remember they’re still annoying and still breathe too loudly.)⠀

‘Yeh but I actually would just eat cookies all day!!!’⠀

Sure – this may well be the case for some – in which case it might be time to enlist the help from a professional if you feel it’s becoming detrimental to your health physically and mentally ❤️⠀

But yeah. Giving yourself permission to eat food without guilt doesn’t mean donuts superset with pizza all day everyday. It just means giving yourself permission to eat food without guilt. Which is great. ???
Credit to @thefashionfitnessfoodie✨?

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