What To Do When You Slip Up On The Dukan Diet

What To Do When You Slip Up On The Dukan Diet

A friend comes to your house wanting to celebrate her recent success with you or share her current woes. A bottle of wine and two glasses are quickly produced. You are her friend but you’re on the Dukan diet, so what do you do? There is a birthday in the office, someone has bought in a cake. It is sliced up and everyone gets a piece, including you. But you can’t eat cake on the Dukan diet! You can’t be rude either, so what do you do? Your child has a party, it’s his birthday and all his friends are coming round to celebrate the big day. The party is a success but now you’ve got the clearing up to do. Cookies and crisps are tempting you, you try just one, then another and then some more. You’re on the Dukan diet, what should you do now?

You can probably think of hundreds more examples of finding yourself slipping from your diet. Should you abandon hope? Are all diets ultimately destined to fail because situations like this will just keep happening? Of course not.

Slipping up every now and again when you are on a diet is perfectly normal and everyone does it. I’m willing to bet that almost everyone who has successfully lost weight on the Dukan diet has faced situations similar to the ones described above and slipped too. It happens to us all. However, with the Dukan diet, it happens much less frequently. Due to the lack of hunger and food cravings you will find yourself tempted to slip far less often than with other inferior diets. But circumstances beyond your control may mean that the right thing to do is eat or drink something that is prohibited on the diet. Who can, with a good conscience, refuse to share a drink with a friend in need simply because they are on a diet?

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If you do slip the first thing you need to do is stop worrying about it. Getting stressed out because you ate something you shouldn’t won’t do you any favors at all. All this will do is make you more likely to slip again and give up the diet entirely. The second thing to do is to get straight back on the horse. Return to the diet and forget the slip ever happened. Remember you are supposed to be picking up new eating habits and forming a good relationship with food. Freaking out because you drank a glass of wine or ate a slice of birthday cake isn’t a healthy attitude. Bear in mind that if you slip the worse thing that will happen is that you may have to add an extra day or two to your diet overall. Considering the total time spent on the diet, a couple of days is hardly worth worrying about


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