WORLD VEGAN DAY It’s no secret that I love a good plant-based meal, and obvious…

WORLD VEGAN DAY ✨🌿 It’s no secret that I love a good plant-based meal, and obviously love sharing about it. I choose to call myself ‘plant-based’ more often than not, because I feel that it’s more inclusive and inviting to strike up conversation, to me personally. I want Tasting to Thrive to be a place that everyone feels included ✨ You’ve incorporated one plant-based meal into your week? Amazing! Traded your usual cows milk for oat milk in your coffee? Incredible! Gone plant-based five days a week? Hooray! 🌿 Veganism has brought me a community that I never thought I would ever have- it’s brought me all of you! I feel so lucky to get to share my favourite recipes, plant-based nutrition tips, and my own journey with you for a living. Your comments, messages and emails are seriously what keeps me going. So today, I want to say thank you, for sharing, commenting, messaging and supporting me 💛 I hope I can bring you a fraction of the joy that you bring me! ✨.
Are you plant-curious? 🌿 Maybe you’ve heard about the environmental, animal welfare and health benefits of eating a predominantly or totally plant-based diet. Thriving on Plant-Based Fundamentals is my virtual course designed specifically to help you learn who to thrive on a partially or fully plant-based diet ✨ In this 5 day virtual course, I give you daily videos and handouts to teach you how to transition to a plant-based diet, what nutrients you need to consider on a plant-based diet, what foods are rich in these nutrients and how to incorporate them into your everyday eating pattern, what supplements are needed, and how to meal plan and eat on a budget on a plant-based diet. The link is in my bio to sign up with $30 off! (Only a few spots left!) ✨



My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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