Buffet Style Prep for two!

Buffet Style Prep for two!?⠀
⬆️Upper Line: Whole wheat pasta and bolognese (mostly for my husband) and shredded chicken breast for both of us!⠀
As you can see I leave the boiled chicken in it’s juice so it stays soft and moist for 3-4 days!⠀
↔️Middle Line: Well obviously this line belongs to me ? (unless sneaky wifey wants to sneak in some veggies in his meals?). Steamed green beans, “pink” cabbage aka red cabbage soaked in white vinegar, sautéed red cabbage, sweet mini peppers.⠀
⬇️Bottom Line: To share, curried cauliflower and ground turkey with green peas, red onions, corn and parsley.⠀
Have a good one!?



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