Dinner is served!

Weekend is here. Let’s roll baby but first let’s eat something. Dinner is served!⠀
The macronutritients for this meal are: 525 calories – 35 P – 55 C – 18 F – 5 Fiber. Feel free to adjust to your personal needs.⠀
? Cut the carbs by using cauliflower rice instead. Technically it’s not rice, but it is a low carb, lower calorie substitute.⠀

The ingredients according to the macros are:⠀
– 150 gram chicken⠀
– 2 tomatoes⠀
– half an avocado⠀
– 50 gram wild rice (raw weight)⠀
– spices, black sesame seeds, homemade spicy sauce⠀
– infused water: juice and pulp of one grapefruit, sweetener of choice, sparkling water⠀
? FACT: If you suffer from frequent indigestion or just have an upset stomach on occasion, drinking sparkling water could help tame your tummy troubles.


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