I never had problems with extra weight as all my life I did gymnastics(from 6y.o…


I never had problems with extra weight as all my life I did gymnastics(from 6y.o till 18y.o), even after I quit sport I had an active lifestyle;till I came to Dubai.. .
First picture is 2013,I am 69kg of pure fat?(never been heavier in my life), gained 9kg in less then 5month. I still feel guilty and angry on myself how did I managed to become so unattractive to myself, and not only physically, but mentally, I was broken:depression ,anxiety,no proper sleep at the age of 23, worst year in my life. All I ate is vending machine sweets and home delivery occasionally. Then one day I realize that I can not live this life any more, started to look for a new job and was trying to bring my 59kg and healthy body back(I am174cm high) . Cardio, bodyweight HIIT and home made food became my best friends. It was so hard, my body was stressed and suffered a lot, the feeling was like I never did sports in my life and like I am starting everything from the very beginning.
Nowadays I still regret that I’ve lost 1 year of my life for nothing, and it took me much more than a year to recover from this. But it was a great life lesson. We all going through something difficult in our life, but at the end it’s only you who can take yourself out of this sh.. t, cause you’re the one who create it and let it happened, cause you’re the one who was weak…. So now it’s only You who can change everything, start being strong, start doing instead of talking , start enjoying instead of complaining, start appreciating what you have and what you’re capable of. There is nothing impossible in this life?




My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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