One of the best snack combinations for sure!

One of the best snack combinations for sure!⠀
?I am not going to lie! I won’t buy peanut butter anymore from now on! At least as long as I know that I have the willpower to not eat almost a jar of peanut butter by one sitting??‍♀️ Or at least I am sure I won’t find myself begging my husband to hide it somewhere! Till the day I am certain I know my portions. And probably that day will never come ??⠀
?But, I prepared this snack combination for you cause you need to try this if you especially have no clue what to eat for snack!⠀
??The steps are really easy to follow but never ever skip step 2! Lick the knife (as long as it’s not sharp!). By the way, you can switch the toppings and use your favorite ones! There are no limits!


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