Spicy Salmon Fajita Bowl

Spicy Salmon Fajita Bowl ? Used leftover salmon from the other day and paired it with some fajita veggies + @beanfieldssnacks pico de Gallo chips ? Gave it the perfect amount of spice ?? Add the chips were perfect for scooping up bites of salmon, avo, and veggies ? Actually photographed this than threw it a container to eat on the go ? But at least it looked good for .2 seconds ?————————————————————————————-Brought more chips to eat because let’s be real- who can only have 5 chips at once ? Not me ??‍♀️ Wish I would’ve brought some salsa along too but that’s just a recipe for disaster ? Still very happy I had this lunch for a day of appointments + errand running ?? Got Eli’s tux picked out ? I’m the worst wedding planner ever so slowly but surely checking things off the list ? Luckily I’m not super picky so I’m just like yup looks good is it the cheapest option ? It’s officially four months away tomorrow ? Crazyyyyy!! Now I’m heading to dinner with some friends from college! Hope you guys had a great day!! ⠀
recipe details ?? Leftover spicy salmon (did my 6 minute salmon with @primalpalate taco seasoning- sounds weird but it’s sooo good!) then I cut it up into pieces and reheated in my skillet. Added fajita veggies leftover that had the same seasoning + avocado + @beanfieldssnacks pico de Gallo chips ?



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