Sweet Potato toasts for brunch today

Sweet Potato toasts for brunch today ?? My all time favorite breakfast. Hands down. Basically because I combine my four favorite breakfasts into one ? If you haven’t tried a Japanese Sweet Potato yet- you need to. Seriously- idk how to describe it but it’s 10x tastier than a regular sweet potato ?? Spilt these toasts with Eli this morning (actually only gave him one… sorry not sorry ??) and it was the perfect breakfast ?? We both agreed we’d rather have this than regular bread all day every day ? Saturday morning has never looked better! ⠀
We’re snowed in today so basically I’m just going to bake all day ? We don’t get big snows here often but I think we’ve gotten a foot of snow so far with 4-8 more inches today ? Last weekend I was in shorts not even kidding ? But I’m so excited to play in the snow with Eli and Tippy all day ❄️ We’re going to walk the trails near our house and it’s just one of my favorite things ever ? Anyone else snowed in?! Planning to make healthy hot chocolate also which I’ll share in my stories! Have a wonderful Saturday friends!! breakfast details ?? 1 Japanese sweet potato sliced into 1/4, broiled on the bottom shelf for 10 mins. If it’s too hard to slice- boil it or pop it in the microwave for a few mins. Topped with: sautéed spinach + leftover brussel sprouts, an egg fried in ghee + @woodstockfoods cashew butter + bananas with cinnamon, and mashed avocado with red pepper flakes


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