Countneck clams and chanterelles, sautéed with shallot and pancetta, topped with…

Countneck clams and chanterelles, sautéed with shallot and pancetta, topped with flavorful summer tomatoes, parsley, aleppo pepper flakes and lemon.
Scrub and clean about a dozen clams, set aside. Slice a large shallot and mince a thick slab of pancetta, both divided into two portions.
In a medium carbon steel / cast iron pan, heat some duck fat or grapeseed oil on medium-high. Add in half the sliced shallots and minced pancetta, sauté for a couple minutes until they start to turn golden. Add in a couple handfuls of chanterelles, sliced half or left whole. Cook undisturbed for 2-3 minutes until golden brown, then sauté for a minute more. Season with a little sea salt and set aside.
Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan (w/ a lid) on medium-high heat, sauté the remaining shallot + pancetta in duck fat / grapeseed oil as well, until fragrant. Add about ½ – 1 cup of dry white wine (or water) bring to a boil and quickly deglaze the pan if needed. Add in the clams, cover the saucepan, and turn down the heat to medium. Cook until the clams have opened, about 5-10 min. Check on them occasionally, and pluck out the clams as soon as they open. You probably won’t need to season the clams as they are already pretty salty on their own.
To serve, place clams in a serving bowl, pour the clam cooking liquid with the pancetta + shallots all over, add in the reserved chanterelles mixture, top with fresh minced parsley, sliced/minced roma or grape tomatoes, chili pepper flakes and squeeze some lemon juice all over.



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