Fridge Stocked and a bit of food prep DONE. Turkey chili servings divided up in…

Fridge Stocked and a bit of food prep DONE. ?
Turkey chili servings divided up into Mason jars.
Several glass to-go containers with chicken/salmon green beans/Brussels and sweet potatoes, and roasted butternut squash. These are great for lunches and meals during the busy workweek.
Fresh fruits and vegetables purchased at Costco or the local grocer ON SALE.
Chopped chickpea salad also dished up into single-serve Mason jars.
I like to keep quick grab-no go snacks (apples, clementines, yogurt, cheese, guacamole, pickles, etc)for the kids easily accessible in the drawers.
Homemade protein balls are in the large Mason jar.
Lots of fresh herbs to add FLAVOR throughout the week.
I LOVE the “good culture” brand cottage cheese.
Condiments we keep on hand: Tobassco, avocado oil Mayonnaise, coconut aminos, dijon mustard, capers, sauerkraut, salsa, horseradish, liquid aminos.
I also have some smoked salmon, and natural nitrate-free fully cooked turkey sausage for QUICK meals this week.
Seriously cannot say enough good about these Rubbermaid Fresh Works containers. ??
I have my boiled eggs, berries, rinsed and chopped celery sticks, grapes, snap peas, mushrooms, and lemon slices in the Fresh Works containers today.
My produce stays perfectly fresh and crisp all week! ?

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