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Unfortunately, no actual food will direcy burn excess body fat. As cool as it would be to eat a blueberry and the compounds within it go straight to the love handles and eliminate them completley, it doesn’t work that way. Now, while no food directly does this, there are foods out there that will better lead to fat loss than others. Most of the foods that belong here are those high in satiation due to their protein or fiber or water content as well as nutrient-density. Some of these foods include: bananas (super filling and super convenient fruit you can literally place in your bag and eat whenever), berries of all kind (incredibly high in nutrients and super low calorie), potatoes (one of the most filling foods in the world), leafy greens (all leafy greens are amazing and are high-volume foods that should be consumed in great amounts), coconut oil (among numerous health benefits has actually been shown to be a natural thermogenic, meaning it slightly increases your metabolism upon consumption), and coffee (for its antioxidants, for its thermogenic effects, for its anti-cancer properties, and also just because it’s awesome). What is your favourite fat-burning foods? Let me know in the comments below. .
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