brace yourself for the on-slaught of christmas ‘survival’ tips ! Credit @thefa…


brace yourself for the on-slaught of christmas ‘survival’ tips !
✨ Credit @thefashionfitnessfoodie ✨
before you’re knee-deep in infographics advising you to swap christmas pud for extra brussel sprouts (v revolutionary), here’s a little context for you;

Festive events like your work xmas do’s, uncomfortable family get-togethers and the big day itself collectively last approximately two weeks (if you’re lucky.) That’s 3.8% of your year. The only time you should be excessively stressed about 3.8% is when it’s your test score on a shit but appealing facebook quiz.
It’s probably good to note it’s likely we’ll all survive Christmas regardless of how many mince pies we’ve had anyway. (*I hope, etc)

But if you’re feeling stressed – remember it’s very normal if christmas isn’t that conducive to your fitness goals – you have 50 other weeks in a year to reach them anyway. x




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