For a little while now, I have noticed that my body has trouble digesting chickp…

For a little while now, I have noticed that my body has trouble digesting chickpeas. I eat them and within two hours, my stomach triples or quadruples in size ?I kid you not.
Initially, I thought it was because I swapped to cooking my own from scratch. Maybe I wasn’t soaking it for long enough or maybe I wasn’t cooking it for long enough.
I tried soaking it for as long as 36 hours and rinsing thoroughly afterwards, I tried cooking it until it was so soft that it melts at the slightest touch, but no luck. I went back to buying canned versions, and rinsing them thoroughly before cooking but that didn’t help either ?ughh!
This is the last tin of chickpeas I have so I’m going to be giving them any my stomach a little break. I don’t have this problem with other legumes. Sure I bloat a little after eating them but it is not an uncomfortable bloat as it is with chickpeas ??‍♀️Anyway…
In my bowl ?Bulgur wheat with squash, chickpea and gojiberry tagine/curry. It was super yum but I know I will pay for this later. The consolation is that it will be worth it.
Do you have trouble digesting any legume in particular or they are all a nightmare for you? #veganbysomi ?


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