How is everyone’s Thursday going? Honestly, I’ve had a stressful morning

How is everyone’s Thursday going? Honestly, I’ve had a stressful morning

How is everyone’s Friday Eve going? I hope it’s going well for everyone. My day started off a bit stressful since my last post, but I just had to take a moment to remind myself to breathe and stay centered. After a hectic morning, I finally had some time to make myself lunch. I decided to try out these amazing wild shrimp from @zayconfresh and create a delicious creamy zesty shrimp salad roll on a @barelybread baguette. Let me tell you, it was absolutely incredible!

Let’s talk a little bit about @zayconfresh. This company offers natural, clean proteins at fantastic prices when you buy in bulk. They travel all over the country to deliver to their customers. The wild caught shrimp featured in my lunch today was just one of their amazing offerings. They also have wild salmon, hormone-free chicken, and other meats to choose from. If you’re interested in checking them out, you can visit their website at

Here are the details of my delicious lunch: sautéed shrimp, red onion, and tomato mixed together with fresh herbs and @foragerproject cashew milk yogurt on a thick, grain-free baguette from @barelybread. I topped it off with some @iloveorganicgirl arugula for an extra pop of flavor. I also enjoyed a side of homemade beet chips to complete my meal. It was truly a delightful lunch experience.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful afternoon. Remember to take care of yourselves and nourish your bodies with good food. Sending you all light and love to brighten your day. Let’s spread positivity and kindness wherever we go.

Thank you for joining me on this lunchtime adventure. Stay tuned for more delicious eats and uplifting moments. Wishing you all a fantastic rest of your day! ❤️🌟🌈


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