Post by @thefitnesschef_ .Obesity. The word which has been most talked about thi…


Post by @thefitnesschef_
.Obesity. The word which has been most talked about this week on the back of The new @cr_uk anti-obesity campaign.
–In the U.K. nearly 60% of women and 70% of men are either overweight or obese (27% of the population being obese). This is not discriminatory – it’s simply a fact 🙂.

🍟Some say food is to blame. “There’s more fast food than ever”. “We have more supermarkets today”. “More processed food.” “More income to eat more food”. “Less time for exercise”. Here’s the thing… We are not robots. None of the above automatically causes obesity in human beings. We cause obesity ourselves, regardless of the environment. There is easier access to cheap, high calorie junk food, but also to low calorie wholefoods. You can find cheap wholefoods with a little effort. The choice is yours.–
🤔Now onto the hot topic. Cancer. This week I’ve seen and heard a plethora of negativity towards this campaign because it’s ‘fat shaming’ and ‘discriminating’. What I see here is a conflict between fact and emotion. This campaign is not a witch hunt against anyone with a high BMI… It’s about delivering a factual message to prevent disease and improve the health of a nation – which is steam rolling towards 1/3 of its population being obese. I feel the reasons for the negativity are down to a misunderstanding of the message. It’s not personal. Just because you are overweight or obese, it doesn’t change you. You are not judged. You still laugh. You still cry. You should never be judged as a person by obesity, but based on facts, your health should be. And this is a message regarding your health. —
😶Some people don’t get a chance with cancer. It takes them from us regardless of their choices in life. Think about them. But if you have a chance to reduce the risk, even by the smallest margin, I think it seems foolish not to take it. —
😥Is the campaign scaremongering? Well, to a degree, yes. This campaign does shock, it does scare – but sadly it is also based on reality. This is where we are in 2018. 🙏




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