These “What I Eat in a Day” mealplans are all 1600-1800 calories *Swipe to see a…


These “What I Eat in a Day” mealplans are all 1600-1800 calories🍽 *Swipe to see all Five ideas!🍱💫

All plans packed with nutritious + delicious food🍏 :]
Any questions, please feel free to ask me below 🙋🏻‍♀️💕

⠀ ⠀
Breakfast: whole wheat toast 🍞with peanut butter + homemade smashed strawberry 🍓 jam with banana 🍌
Snack: popcorn 🍿 + half avocado 🥑
Lunch: boiled eggs 🥚+ 🥗 roasted asparagus + 🧀doodles
Snack: walnuts + half avocado 🥑
Dinner: salmon🐟💕for 2 + zucchini + baked🥔tater tots
Dessert: grapes 🍇 + 3 mini chocolate chip cookies 🍪🥰

1600 calories | 72 g protein | 87 g fat| 150 g carb
Breakfast: boiled egg 🥚 half🥑 with grapes 🍇
Snack: pistachios + walnuts 🥜
Lunch: greens 🥬 + 🥑 + falafel🥙 + baked nacho chips
Snack: popcorn 🍿 + yellow peppers
Dinner: grilled chicken 🐔 + cucumbers 🥒greens 🥬 + cheese 🧀 doodles
Dessert: banana 🍌 + cookie 🍪

1700 calories
Breakfast: whole wheat 🍞 with pb 🥜 and 🍒
Snack: banana chips and almonds
Lunch: Tuna with light mayonnaise salad 🥗
Snack: walnuts and 🍿sweet+savoury popcorn
Dinner: potato tots, spinach🌿 eggs and avocado
Dessert: choc chip cookie and 🍌

1800 calories
Breakfast: perfectly boiled egg😍 with a ricecake, 🥑 and 🍌
Snack: Pistachios!
Lunch: Sweet crispy potato🍠waffles, spinach 🍳🥑 + turnip
Snack: Red pepper and popcorn
Dinner: Grilled salmon, beans with Parmesan + roast brussels
Dessert: grapes with nuts

1600 calories
Breakfast: Avo toast + yogurt of your choice + 🍌
Snack: 🍏 and dip
Lunch: egg salad with 🌽🍅🥒 and roasted squash
Snack: mozzarella 🧀 and almonds
Dinner: all greens 🥬 + edamame, chickpeas, 🥑 + crackers
Dessert: Ice cream 🍨 of your choice!
Pictures by @confessionofadietitian

Hope you have a great weekend guys :]
Which Meal Plan is your favourite?!
Caption by @caloriefixes ✨
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