This showed up in my explore tab today and I clicked on it. It was originally po…


This showed up in my explore tab today and I clicked on it. It was originally posted by @halfmybody and I absolutely agree what she has to say about it below. What I do have to add is that a lot of these foods that are misrepresented to be on the left here are actually great, especially those eggs and bread! A healthy amount of protein (I eat a lot of eggs) and carbs for energy has been essential in my fitness journey.

From halfmybody: ❌IMO, it’s complete rubbish❌
I see this picture to insinuate that those who are overweight just eat those “bad” foods and those who are “smaller” are the only ones that eat well.
Just because someone is overweight does not mean that they have overeaten on carbs – someone can eat all healthy foods and be overweight too!!!!! Being overweight can also be caused by medical issues. At the same time, “smaller” people may just only be eating unhealthy food.
❌You can’t tell by someone’s size what types of food they are eating. I’ve seen this picture around a lot and I find it to be a generalisation BASED ON STEREOTYPES and could be taken as offensive.

I absolutely agree with the above and it’s so frustrating to see stuff like this generalizing people’s journey. Body size is dependent on so many things: genetics, bone structure, workout regimen, any medical conditions, etc that it’s very ignorant to assume just because someone’s body looks a certain way that they only eat “certain” things! What do you guys think? ⠀
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