What are your staple low kcal foods? Having already done a caption on low kcal …


What are your staple low kcal foods?

Having already done a caption on low kcal foods & my recent “crash vs smart diet” post” I didn’t want to discuss the same topic & provide no new value so instead, today I want to talk about how that “crash” diet may actually make you FATTER in the long run.

The goal of a diet is definitely to lose fat correct? Yes however, it is also to preserve muscle therefore, just because you are in a 1000kcal deficit/day losing 5lbs/wk doesn’t mean you are successfully dieting. Sure, when a negative energy balance arises, the consequence is a loss of body mass 60-80% of which is usually from fat (Hill & Commerford1996) thus you’ll definitely lose fat however, with more AGGRESSIVE diets, you are more inclined to lose a significant amount more LBM as well (Garthe  et al 2011).Result?

You get to the end of your aggressive diet with less fat AND less LBM than if you had been more conservative with your dieting phase/deficit & it’s here where the problem arises as in the short period after finishing a restrictive diet, it is not uncommon for individuals to regain fat mass in response to a increases in calories in a phenomenon referred to as post-starvation obesity or “body fat overshooting” (Weyer et al 2000) with studies showing that ~80-90% of people who lose a sig. amount of weight often return to their previous weight (McGuire 1999) likely as a result of the body ramping up physiological processes which make the drive for you to overeat & gain fat back far greater eg. increased ghrelin, reduced leptin, T3 etc.(Rosenbaum & Leibel 2010).Result?

You quickly gain fat back (not lost LBM) & end up with less LBM but at a higher bf% than when you started dieting thus essentially what your aggressive diet has done is got you shredded for 2wks for your “holiday” but then f**ked you up for the rest of the year whereby you sit at a higher bf% & less LBM! Cue the aggressive dieting cycle repeating again as you try to lose the fat -again.

So cut HARD & live on low kcals but its doing you no favours once your diet ends. Remember muscle retention on a fatloss phase is IMPORTANT thus bare that in mind before doing something y




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