You’d have probably noticed that I was at Marks & Spencer today if you watched m…


You’d have probably noticed that I was at Marks & Spencer today if you watched my stories. While shopping, I spotted ‘Kalettes’. I’ve been intrigued about them, and I really wanted to try them, so I bought them.

Kalettes are the new vegetable hybrid; they are made by crossbreeding kale and Brussel sprouts. No genetic modification occurs in the breeding process, so they are NOT GMO crops. If you’re entirely against eating vegetables that are not natural, you may want to give these a miss, but if you’re open to new foods, you definitely want to try them. They are delicious!

They taste exactly like kale and Brussels sprouts at the same time. And unlike regular kale, the leaves are very tender. If you hate Brussels sprouts, kalettes may change your mind about them.

✨I steamed these Kalettes, but you can also stir-fry, bake or microwave them. The nutritional content is pretty good: Per 85g serving, you will get up to *RDI= Recommended Daily Intake💫
✔️4% RDI Vitamin A
✔️40% RDI vitamin C
✔️120% RDI vitamin K
✔️10% RDI vitamin B6
✔️8% RDI calcium
✔️6% RDI iron

🍃What’s in my bowl? Mung bean chilli with lime and coriander (cilantro) basmati rice and steamed kalettes. I also made some avocado salsa to go with my meal. I used my regular chilli recipe for the mung beans; you can find it on my website with this link:

Much Love, Somi 💙




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