Dukan Diet: 2 Steps To Lose Weight, 2 Steps To Keep It Off Forever

The French medical solution to weight loss seems to be the meat eaters dream weight loss program. It consists of two rapid weight loss phases and 2 ease-into-maintenance phases. Dr. Dukan favors protein intense diet plans because he insists that proteins (and water) are the most important elements of any healthy diet plan. Although The Dukan Diet sounds similar to Atkins and other protein intense diets, it is very different for 3 specific reasons:

1) Lean meat only

2) 4 mini diets

3) Permanent Plan To Return To Normal

The first major difference is Dr. Dukan flies in the face of critics and most medical experts by suggesting an all ‘lean meat’ diet throughout the first phase (5 days) of the program. His reasons for the all protein phase is it is physically hard for your body to convert only one food group to energy, so you end up digesting only a limited amount of the calories you consume.

According to Dukan, the perfect way to maintain or gain weight is to eat a balanced diet of 50% carbs, 30% fats, and 20% proteins, which is similar to a mother’s milk.

This brings me to the second major difference of the Dukan Diet: It has four small phases to create one permanent medical solution to obesity.

Dukan Diet Guide

The first phase is about creating lightning fast weight reduction through eating only lean proteins and drinking lots of water to flush out bad fats, toxins, and waste products in the body.

The second phase is eating alternating days of approved Dukan foods with lean protein days plus incorporating one meal a week of foods you love.

The third phase is more lenient, including two or more meals a week of normal foods.

The fourth phase is where you return to normal eating but you still eat one day a week of only lean protein. It is also recommended for you to eat two servings or less of starchy foods per day.

The last difference is the permanent plan for keeping that slimming look.

The South Beach Diet created 3 phases for lifelong weight loss and has been fairly successful, but Dukan did not feel diets provided enough hand holding and so he came up with a very structured, step-by-step plan to move from fast weight loss to permanently maintaing your weight.

His fourth phase is the most different of any diet program since it allows you to essentially return to normal eating.


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