Sharing my super simple lunch today to power me through a busy day I had such a…

Sharing my super simple lunch today to power me through a busy day ✨ I had such a beautiful run this morning, and even though I really didn’t feel like doing it initially, by about half way through I was so glad I did and even ended up going further than I anticipated. This got me thinking about the balance between pushing ourselves and knowing when we need to rest. For me, I’ve gotten pretty good at understanding when my body is genuinely tired and needs some rest and when I just need some motivation. I try and think of myself afterwards, and whether my soul and body really needs to be pushed, or whether I really just need a slow morning to relax (since I pretty much always work out in the morning). This is a hard thing to balance, and I definitely don’t always get it right, but I think ultimately it’s so important for us to be kind to ourselves, whether that means going for that morning run or enjoying a bit of extra time relaxing ? It changes day to day, week to week and with different seasons in life and that’s A-okay (end rant) ✨What’s your perspective on this? .
Lunch deets ??:
Microwaved sweet potato with sautéed black beans (in salt, pepper, a dash of liquid smoke, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder + smoked paprika), brown rice, avocado + a drizzle of sriracha ?


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