VEGAN FRENCH ONION SOUP Sunday’s are my absolute favourite day of the week to ta…

VEGAN FRENCH ONION SOUP ✨Sunday’s are my absolute favourite day of the week to take a little more time to make an especially delicious dinner, and this vegan French onion soup is one of my favourites ?.
Despite the fact that this soup takes a liiiittle longer than I’d usually like to spend on dinner, most of the ‘cooking time’ is just idle time while the soup simmers, filling your home with the delicious smell of caramelized onion and thyme while you can continue on with Sunday-ing ?? This soup is also incredibly easy, even though it seems like an advanced recipe (perfect for fooling your family and friends ?). Get the recipe in my Everyday Vegan Soups ebook at the link in my bio! ✨



My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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