Leftover French toast paired with some savory goods


Leftover French toast paired with some savory goods 🤗 Just tossed the French toast in the toaster and added a little ghee to it this morning 😋 Good as new + made the best of some leftovers 🙌🏻 Paired with a crispy egg and avo.. doesn’t get any better 🤤 Made for a super easy breakfast post BBG workout and before getting ready for church 👌🏻 The only problem: we only had one piece of French toast left 😬😅 Luckily Eli is a very kind person and let me have it 😂 Going to have to make another batch ASAP to make up for it haha 😎 We’ve got a pretty chill day ahead of us but I’m hoping to bake something fun this afternoon 😋 Fall just has me craving alllll the treats! I’m not the best baker but I try 😜 Are you more of a baker or a cook? I love making recipes where I don’t have to follow the directions exactly so I think that’s why I like cooking better! Hope you have a great Sunday ahead of you and have something to look forward to today ❤️ ——————————————————————————- breakfast details 👉🏻 Leftover slice of French toast (recipe posted yesterday) + 1 egg fried in ghee + 1/2 avocado + blackberries + tomatoes 😋




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