Savory breakfast plate


Savory breakfast plate ? One of the most requested things from you all was more savory plant based breakfasts so coming at you today with sautéed cauliflower gnocchi from @traderjoes paired with more sautéed kale, avo, and mushrooms ? Basically subbed the eggs from last night with crispy cauliflower gnocchi ? Can’t take credit for the idea- @nobread and @sara.haven both inspired me to give gnocchi a try for breakfast ?? I’m not plant based but I do try to eat a ton of veggies and fruit ? ⠀
The key to crispy cauliflower gnocchi is lots of oil- I use avocado oil but you could use olive oil too ?? Sautéed the gnocchi then took it out and sautéed the kale and mushrooms ? All in all took about 10 minutes for everything! I microwaved the gnocchi for 3 mins to soften it up and have less water in my pan but you could also boil it! Paired with allllll the savory goods for a delicious breakfast plate ? Who said eating veggies can’t be tasty? ? if you aren’t on the breakfast gnocchi train yet- you need to!! I’ve got leftovers so I might make a batch of cashew pasta sauce to pair with it ? Hope you all have a wonderful day! ❤️- breakfast details ?? 1/3 of a bag of @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi. I prepared the entire bag but saved the rest. Microwaved for 2-3 mins then added to a skillet with lots of avocado oil over low medium heat. Sautéed it for 5-6 mins until it was crispy. Then removed it and added in kale and mushrooms. These didn’t take long to cook at all. Paired with avocado with @traderjoes EBTB seasoning, tomatoes, and topped with some red pepper flakes ??




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