Sweet and savory paleo stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet and savory paleo stuffed sweet potatoes ? Spilt these stuffed sweet potatoes with Alan this morning! I’ve been on a baked sweet potato kick recently??‍♀️ They require little to no effort and you can easily prep them and reheat them ?? I made these right when I woke up but I also like making them a few days or the night before ?? Then to reheat, the best way I think is to put the oven on broil and warm them up ? Or microwave if that’s a better option for you. The best thing about making a bunch of sweet potatoes is the limitless topping options! ⠀
Topped these with easy, no cook toppings but you could do anything you want ? I sliced an avocado and a banana then drizzled some organic Cashew butter on top ? Sooo tasty and a great paleo, whole30 breakfast ? It was definitely tough to share these but I managed ? Now I’m off to soak up some good weather- it’s supposed to be 60 today!! Hoping to get an outdoor run or walk in ? Have a wonderful Saturday!! healthybreakfast details ?? 2 baked sweet potatoes (400F for 50/60 mins, I poke a bunch of holes in the sweet potato with a fork before baking) topped with 1/2 banana + organic cashew butter from @woodstockfoods and dates and then 1/2 avocado with red pepper flakes ??



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