{New} Turkey + Veggie + Hummus Wraps { It’s the season of parties, graduations,…


{New} Turkey + Veggie + Hummus Wraps 🌱
{ It’s the season of parties, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, and family gatherings!  Keep THIS idea in your Pinterest arsenal for all of that Spring and Summer entertaining.
These lil’ wraps are super cute, healthy, and you can assemble a large platter of them quickly & inexpensively. .
Also EXCELLENT for a quick lunch or Meal Prep. Once prepared, they last refrigerated for about 2 days
makes 4 servings

12 slices nitrate-free turkey breast, highest quality possible
1/3 cup favorite hummus
1 bell pepper (green, red, yellow or orange), cut into strips
1/2 English cucumber, cut into strips

Spread hummus on a slice of deli turkey (make it 2 slices if it’s really thin). Add strips of peppers and cucumber as shown.
Roll em’ up and enjoy!
❤Rachel .
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