Have you tried “nature’s cereal”?!Post by @no.food.rules I’m not going to lie h…

Have you tried “nature’s cereal”?!🍓🫐Post by @no.food.rules
I’m not going to lie here.. It’s pretty good! 🤣But guess what?….. It’s a freaking fruit bowl🤷‍♀️… NOT cereal. Cute name, sure, but in the end let’s call it what it is👉 a fruit bowl.
Now I love fruit bowls! Don’t get me wrong. Big fan over here. 🙌But when I want mah fruit loops ya girl wants her fruit loops! (swipe right to see some serious loop action 🤣) Both of these are totally fine options.
I was just talking with @mamaknows_nutrition when we recorded an episode for @the_socieaty podcast as we were talking about not tricking kids or “sneaking” veggies and I think it holds true for us. Own your choice to eat the fruit bowl! 🥳But also know it’s just that… a fruit bowl. And same thing for the fruity loopies.
It IS important to give your body a variety of nutrients and fruit is a FAB way to do that. So if this makes eating fruit fun, have at it! This is what’s called “gentle nutrition” which we talk about how to implement in @the_socieaty a lot! It’s a step that can feel tricky after years of dieting.



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